hats off to hats

quickie post: on my way home from a dreary long day of work; feeling sad and hungry (a really miserable combination), i decided to go in a local traditional millinery shop called Liliput Hats. it was the perfect antidote for my current misery. 

on a personal note, i enrolled in fashion design courses and really wanted to take the millinery classes. maybe one day. the future is still young.

i looked around and tried on a few fun hats and really loved this "genuine panama hat". weaves of straw bring out waves of homeland (philippines) nostalgia for me. and i'm always going after nostalgic experiences.

i also deeply believe how much accessories, like hats, can really level up an otherwise mediocre outfit.

what kind of hat are you wearing today? 

location: little italy, toronto

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  1. I'm not really into hat but I'm open to try it someday..proud to see you evolve just keep the faith,and I knows I'll find your billboard everywhere in the world.

  2. I'm ms anonymous.proud of you girl.

  3. thank u anon! ha! not sure about billboards ever but evolution for sure <3 I mean what else are we here for ? :) thanks for stopping by xo