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hello sweet readers. welcome back!

i've been getting a few requests from my friends to do a fall lipstick blog post (specifically, more affordable brands). i love lipstick! although nowadays, i'm falling in love with lip creams and lip stains. i am chronically haggard in the mornings, snoozing for an hour until i have 15 minutes left to get up, get ready and leave. lip colours are so easy, and makes me feel like i tried to put some make up on my face. 

i chose deep colours for this post because i rarely wear 'nude' or light lips. i'm all about colour baby. 

please click on the links to get directed to some of my go-to beauty blogs for in-depth product reviews.

but first, my bare lips. my lip colour pre-application routine: (1) apply lip balm. (2) apply concealer. as you can see my lips are a bit pink-ish. applying concealer will give you better colour return. (3) lining my lips with my lip liner of choice.
in my head shots below i purposely did a smokey eye look to match the deep colour lips. because why not? and who cares. do what you want. it's your face.

my lips are all lined with my favourite lip liner by MAC in Nightmoth. i often wear this liner all over my lips. i also love using this to create ombre lip combinations. for an awesome ombre lip youtube tutorial, check out the super fun make-up artist and fellow filipina & toronto gal Mila Victoria: Ombre Lips Tutorial.

1. MAC in Rebel
before i dabbled into the world of dark, deep & bright lip colours, i used to be scared & shy to wear them because it gets all kinds of unwanted attention. MAC's Rebel lipstick was my very first "dark" berry tube of lipstick. i got over that fear/shyness very quickly because why else are we here? if not for joy? what is the meaning of life? lipstick brings unique joy in my life. 

2. wet n wild in Cherry Bomb
see what i mean? this is definitely darker than Rebel. this is a rich dark red colour. so delicious. and this is less than $3.00! how can you not try it? also, it's exciting that this really affordable brand is endorsed by natural health and beauty guru heyfranhey in her  Non-Toxic Favourites YouTube video.
I'm striving to use less harmful chemicals in my life. It can feel hard to do that with cosmetics sometimes.

3. NYX xtreme lip cream in 07 Absolute Red
ugh. i am a bonafide lipstick lover. and then lip creams came into my life. my new love, lip creams!!! it's like liquid lipstick, so you get the deep pigmentation and glossy creamy finish. it is just so good! i feel so sexy with this colour.

sidenote: i love that my lips are a bit asymmetrical.

4. Revlon in Va Va Violet
lastly, a beautiful deep violet. sigh. i would even go as far as lining my lips with black eye/lip liner or gel liner, and blend it in with the violet. va va voom!

so there you have it! my top 4 faves for this fall season. thanks for reading! i hope you liked it! leave any questions you have on the comments box below or tell me what your favourite fall lip colours are! <3

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  1. have you tried the Diva shade by MAC? its similar to cherry bomb, but may have better pigment. it would look really good on you!

    1. thank you! ya! i love Diva by MAC! see me wearing it here: http://ragingsoundofcalm.tumblr.com/post/62913115940/caprediem-angryasiangirlsunited-filipina-to