tokyo textures

in welcoming september - for me, a month signifying transitions into long term hibernation. engaging our inner powers for plans of blossoming for far-away spring.

in honour of entry into Virgo constellation, i want to feature my travels in tokyo. a city that captured me completely. a city that emobodies virgo-ism: intentional, functional, thoughtful, streamlined to perfection.

i had a short stopover in tokyo last fall 2012. the way people dressed and styled themselves really elevated me into a whole new level of appreciation for this art form of dressing oneself.

what was striking to me is some of the gender androgyny i observed. it's so refreshing to have the walls of binary gender presentations collapse even if just for a moment.

 get lost with me...

beautiful hand crafted custom Hedj bag by talented designer Jihan (click for their interview by WORN journal).
our beautiful airbnb HARAJUKU designed studio rental, installed with wood illustration by the owner and artist Lp. she even drew us a really neat booklet to help us navigate harajuku.  


tokyo public washroom coolness
enter track by KRS One: Sound of Da Police.

catching the sunrise at Yoyogi Park.
bamboos growing reaching for the sun

i wish we had these in toronto.

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