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hello sweet readers. my blog has been a bit quiet the last few weeks. 
I am currently in the throes of my saturn return and making big life decisions. Needless to say, I am currently in the very beginning stages of going back to school: to be a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. wish me luck!
poster somewhere in  Macomer - is a town and comune of Sardinia (Italy) in the province of Nuoro.
I also wanted to share with you all something very cool that happened to me.
so sometimes, social media life means your pictures ends up in all the wrong places (like asian fetish sites, McDonald’s apple pie packaging lol). but something cool happened to one of my selfies: 

much to my delight, a feminist street artist Moju in Sardinia, Italy contacted me to let me know that she has made my face (photo from Brave New Girls facebook page) into a poster. it's going to be a part of her project around ‘women’s self-representation’ created in reference to a phrase by Italian feminist Carla Lonzi “We women have been looking for 4000 years! Now we have seen!” and that also this project was a tribute to the girl she loves. <3. my heart melts. 

watch out for it on their blog: http://mojumanuli.noblogs.org/

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