my story

i'm charm. born and raised in the tropical islands of the Philippines. currently making majik in Turtle Island (Toronto) for the last 12 years.

while i wrestle with complicated feelings from the immense loss caused by immigration, i have vivid memories of getting excited for my very first fall season. i've just always dressed as a tropical climate femme would- lots of cotton, lots of dresses, lots of breathable fabrics. and now i get to play with the 4 seasons.

raging sound of calm: the name of my blog came from Zee Avi's song Swell Window. i love poetry. i love the poetry of life's contradictions. these lyrics really spoke to me deeply because so much of my life's purpose is about, always working towards a deep and meaningful sense of peace and calm amidst life's struggles.

so here i am, sharing one of my first (true) loves; the art form of dressing oneself.

i hope you enjoy and get inspired.  

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Jessica Balmer said...

your site was recently reviewed in Shameless magazine and I would like to send you a pdf of the review. If you are interested please email me at jbalmer at shamelessmag dot com

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